The Abyss @ 30.6 metres

This was classed as a deep dive and our second Advanced course dive. Any dive over 18 metres is classed as a deep dive and shouldn’t be done unless you have the advanced ticket. You shouldn’t go below¬†40 metres , 30 metres is the recommended maximum deep depth as further than that and you are more readily susceptible to nitrogen narcosis. The colors have pretty well leached out by that depth too, plus run out of air very quickly.

This dive, The Abyss, starts as as 6 metre reef with a steep drop off to 50 metres. We only go to 30 metres for 10 minutes maximum or air down to 100 bars, whichever happens first. As promised the colours get really dull down deep. It was a pretty dive with lots of different corals and sponges and fish. I get my bouyancy right and Brian is very happy with my dive. I feel confident.

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